The Homes, Sweet Homes Content Management System

For a while now, I’ve been managing the web site for NC Student Rentals. Having to constantly make small adjustments and updates led me to the idea for the Homes, Sweet Homes Content Management System; I would create a CMS that would give the owners of the site the ability to make those small yet crucial updates on their own, without having to go through me. Using my recently learned PHP skills, along with a custom database framework I built, I started construction.

The final product is a ‘niche-specific’ (as I like to call it) content management system, built for controlling a rental properties web site. It has the ability to add, edit or remove properties, add a custom stylesheet to the main site, have multiple user accounts, and even add a rental application. This was my first front-end AND back-end project, and boy did I learn a lot from it. The back-end must be secure to prevent outsiders from changing content. The front-end must be dynamic to factor in error on the user part. And there are many little features you need to include, such as notifications for the user, and convenience features on the front-end when the user is still logged in on the back-end.

The Homes, Sweet Homes CMS is now live, along with the front end of the site. You can view a demo here. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Have any ideas for it? Please shoot them by me.

This project was a monster, and, like just about any other project, took a bit longer than I expected to be pushed out. However, now that that’s done, I can get back to work on some interesting stuff I have in store for you guys 😉