Hello, World!

This is my first post in my new blog. I kinda wanted to try out something like this for a while but haven’t really gotten around to it. I’ve also been putting it off because I didn’t have much to post on a blog of my own. Recently though, I’ve been working on a lot of little simple solutions, just elegant scripts or programs that I feel like sharing but didn’t have a way of sharing them, until now at least.

So, a tiny bit about me; my name is Tomer, and well, I’m kind of a geek. I was never really intrigued by video games, fancy web applications or cool gadgets (well maybe a bit), but rather how they worked, what made them tick. Then I learned that with a bit of independent study and research, I could make video games and web applications myself. This is where I will try to turn my ideas and creativity into reality.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and let me know what you think in the comments. Let the blogging begin!

2 thoughts on “Hello, World!”

  1. Hey To, this is great. love to hear more about your simple solutions,and can’t wait for you find simple solutions for moms, like how to avoid grocery shopping (and still have fresh groceries in the fridge) and how to have a hire a private chef without having to pay him for cooking your meals. Those two are kind of first priority for me. Let me know if you come up with something..

    Other than that good luck,
    Love, Mom

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