The End of My Lithios Chapter

They say that when one door closes, another opens. Well, when an app is closed, you have the whole home screen full of opportunities!

I just ended my employment at Lithios (mobile-first software development consulting) and decided to see what the other side of the fence looks like. A more organized, 9-5 office job with a few locations, break room, and TPS reports (well, hopefully not that last part). It is a bittersweet feeling like none I’ve had before.

Lithios is just about all I’ve known of my professional career up until now. My friends and I were the board and C-suite and ran the whole operation bootstrapped for years – while always profitable and paying ourselves a (modest) salary, I may add. The freedom to start initiatives was exhilarating. The culture that we defined and carried out by example was captivating. The people we hired are amazing, each in their own individual and unique way. The amount that I have grown through my times at Lithios isĀ intangible.

But alas, I am moving on.

Onwards to see what working as part of a larger company feels like. To be in a strictly technical, and not business role. To work with a veteran of the field who can code laps around me. To ‘shave off of someone else’s beard’, as the saying goes in Hebrew.

Needless to say, the good, great, and nerve-wrecking times at Lithios will not be forgotten. They will be carried with me into the next chapter, and beyond.

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